how to maintain your weight loss

Divide the weight loss program in two parts. The first being the effort put towards shedding off those extra kilos while maintaining the lost weight at the same time. One shouldn’t forget that there is yet another task waiting ahead after the weight loss plan though and that is the continued maintenance of your new weight.

weight loss
2Monitor the calorie intake. Do this in order to continue enjoying new confidence post weight loss. Therefore, it becomes important to plan a diet with the right amount of the calories along with other nutrients. If we deprive ourselves of these important stuffs, it could lead to serious health problems later on.3Choose the correct food. This is also an important step towards weight maintenance plan. Try to make your eating habit a healthy one and understand the fact that the healthy food could also be made tasty without that extra dip of cheese. Include a lot of fiber based food along with vegetables and fruits. One should try to avoid high fat and high sugar food as far as possible. These little details could lead to very exciting results ahead.4Burn off extra calorie through physical activity. This is one of the most known and accepted forms towards the weight management program. One should try and stick to the theory of: “Always burn out more calories than what you consume”. By doing so, one can easily avoid the storage of fat in the body. Indulging yourself in your favorite sport could also be a very fun and interesting step in the weight loss plan.5Be aware of your own body's limitations. The fact that human beings vary in terms of genetic differences can’t be ignored. Losing weight could be a simple for a few people but it may not be the same for others because of the genetic differences. No two bodies are alike hence, if something works for one, it is not necessary that it will work for the others. So, it becomes important to plan out the health regimen as per one’s body and avoid aping others. Healthy lifestyle is the result of healthy eating and healthy thinking. “Fit for life not fat for life” should be the motto. With these positive thoughts and little more effort, we can make our life full of happiness